Monday, August 17, 2009

Conversations with Dr. David Ireland


It’s great to be in touch through this weekly blog. I offer it as a way to encourage you to stay the course during Operation Take Back, our 40-day spiritual journey beginning Monday, September 21st through Friday, October 30th.

You may have participated in a 40-day spiritual journey with us or another group of Christ followers over the years. Perhaps you recall having your enthusiasm peter out after the first two weeks and you’re approaching this one a bit apprehensively—even with a degree of “been there, done that.” I’d like to challenge you to change your perspective by pointing out a few key differences.

During Operation Take Back, you will be given a variety of opportunities to keep you motivated along the journey. This weekly blog is one of the ways I will be directly communicating with you, along with preaching our weekend services and leading our Acts 19 service on Friday, October 23rd.

Over the 40-days you will also have opportunities to meet with pastors and key leaders following our weekend services to interface in topical discussions aimed at strengthening you throughout the journey. We have also planned a wide variety of multimedia approaches designed to stay connected with you during the journey.

Will you put aside 40 days to seek God and to war in the spirit on behalf of your family, your career, your finances, and your spiritual life? If you answered yes, let’s begin this journey like no other—with a dogged determination to take back everything the enemy has stolen from us. And let’s finish in victory. Here are your marching orders: No Surrender. No Retreat.

Our King Cometh!
Dr. David Ireland

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