Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 10: Souls is at the Heart of God

Today’s reading—Acts chapter 10—reveals God’s love for people outside of His family. Can you imagine being Peter and having an in-your-face vision that reveals two things: 1) You’re prejudice against Gentiles; and, 2) You don’t care enough about lost people outside of your immediate circle?

The first person that I ever led to the Lord some 27 years ago was a Caucasian gentleman—a fellow engineering student—a few months after I became a believer. We were students at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. I was so excited that I literally ran down the main thoroughfare of Hoboken, as soon as I left the gathering where we had met.

Unlike Peter my struggle was not with culture, race, or our ethnic difference. Giovanni was Italian and you know my heritage—part Irish (L.O.L.). Albeit, I had huge struggles in other areas, which made Peter look like a saint. But, for those who are stuck with the dynamics of race and how it plays out in daily living, God wants you unstuck so that you can move freely across ever racial divide as His ambassador of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:17-21).

What dramatic experiences have you had to move you across the room in an effort to align you with God’s plan? This question goes beyond racial issues to address all issues. Answering it will help move you along the healing path.

Have you ever had a vision like Peter’s wherein you saw yourself, saw God’s plan, and recognized the gap that existed between the two?

I pray that this journey will help you take back your fire for evangelism and the personal call to restore lost people to God’s family.

Have a great day in the Lord!


  1. I agree Pastor David! God does want us 'unstuck' in the dynamics of race.

    We can think of racial barriers as racial boxes. Some are most comfortable staying within the parameters of their own racial box. However, through Christ, we are able to 'think' and reach outside of our racial boxes! As we learn to give the hurts, pains, and stigmatisms of our past to God, we open up the opportunity for God to use us in more ways than we ever thought possible. These boxes (our security blankets), and the fear that keeps us stuck in them, are only holding us back from what God has in store for us. So let's learn to let go and let God. We must learn to trust God in all of it. Afterall, without faith, it is impossible to please Him. Trusting Him happens one step at a time. Each step we take gets us closer towards being outside of our racial boxes.

    Be blessed today and don't be afraid to step outside the box!

  2. Hello Everyone,

    My answer to today's question on experiences that would move us across the room would probably be the way that God would reveal himself and as Dr. Ireland mentioned earlier: "God loves people". I know there are things he would ask me to do for people whom I don’t even know, I always go back and thank him for his love for people. I have a friend at work, very pleasant person although we joke about everything, but the conversation never approaches the subject of faith. I have to honestly say that race is not the issue although the person is caucasian, it’s just that it's easier if the person approaches me with the question, then I have plenty of answers to give them, nothing forceful, but simple truth. I guess it’s a road block for me to take the initiative and introduce Christ to anyone. My reasoning to this dilemma is that the setting doesn’t call for it; at the same time, I don’t have a problem in answering their question if they ask. I guess I need more courage in that area while I always look for opportunities, sometimes they come but other times, I don’t force any door open, it’s been my experience that God would open the door and I'd walk right through – I may have taken advantage and have gotten used to it too much.

    PS: Everyone, please keep me in prayer, I have the flu :-(
    and it’s killing me (It's part of my operation take back, no more flu)

    Be blessed and have a great day!


  3. I always find it very exciting to share my faith with others, especially when I can use my own personal transformation with them. Although I don't consider myself to be a preacher or an eloquent speaker of the word, I do believe that we all have an obligation to share the love of God. He has called ALL of us to be fishers of men and that includes me. When I get tongue tied or nervous when it comes to sharing my faith, I remember this command and ask the Holy Spirit to fill me with boldness, as he did the disciples, and allow me to speak his word. I ask that he fill my mouth with his words and use me to call another into the kingdom.

    I work in corporate America and although I know that my workplace is filled with Christians, I don't know that many. I’ve been thinking of starting a "Prayer Club" at work where Christians can come together and have prayer during lunch. Please keep me in your prayers so that God can give me the words and insight to put something like this together in hopes that his name would be glorified.


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  5. Nyrvole, I know what you mean. I also work in corporate America, and sometimes it's hard to "point out" the Christians. Quite a few times I've been told that people have watched me and how I conduct myself (i.e., I don't drink at firm parties, and as much as possible try to remain humble and mindful of living a Christ-centered life). Although "being watched" is not a direct opportunity to share my faith, it has allowed me to talk about it on a few occasions (i.e., when people ask me why I do things the way that I do). Those moments have been very rewarding because they were natural and not forced.

    I love your goal of starting a prayer club and will be praying that you'll be able to pull one together!


  6. Greetings:

    The reading for today ministered to me....... I have 2 half brothers who are having a tough time in life and getting involved with behaviors that can land them in serious trouble. My older brother wants nothing to do with the things of God at this time. Now he is separated from his wife and children.

    My younger brother gave me the opportunity to witness to him and he listened, but chose not to accept Christ as his savior at that time. He did allow me to pray for him. Since that meeting a couple months ago, I have prayed for his salvation repeatedly. It appears that the more I cry out to God, the worst his behavior gets. So to be honest, I got discouraged although I know that God is working things out behind the scenes and things are done in His time!

    However, reading the events that led up to Corneilus’ salvation this morning filled me with faith again. Because I saw that God does things in his timing and cares about my brothers more than I can imagine. So my fire to see their lives transformed through giving their lives to Jesus has been re-ignited……… I will persevere in prayer and ask that you all join me!

  7. Greetings:

    I share the sentiments of my fellow bloggers with a lack of opportunities to share my faith at work, as I too work in a corporate setting. But I recently found opportunities to talk with co-workers about my faith as I asked for their sponsorship on an upcoming mission trip. They were all very interested (although most could not understand why I would chose to use vacation days like that) in the work that we will be doing and very generous in their support.

    Through those discussions I learned that one of my co-workers lives a few blocks from the East campus and I have since invited her to church. Sharing my faith with them was very exciting and I have learned to pray for more opportunities to be able to share the love of Jesus with them (whether directly or indirectly). I will keep you all in prayer that over these 40 days God will open up opportunities for us all and that we will all have testimonies to share of what He did………

  8. Hi Pastor Ireland. I am so thankful God lead me to Christ Church. I just move to NJ.My sister converting from muslim to Christ in Sunday service, Praise God. You have no idea,Pastor. I been praying for her since I got born again on 1-1-08. My other atheist sister converted before her this year. When I lived in LI I switched to a church in Brooklyn 1 hour away hoping she would go with me since it was 15mins away from her house, but she never came with me. Recently she called me out of the blue and told me she wanted to go to Christ church with me (I told her I found an awesome church when I moved, never thought she would gothis fast,I just moved here)She's traveling from brooklyn to go with me this sunday to Christ church for 2nd time, Godwilling. WOOHOOO THANK YOU JESUS!!. Also, earlier this year I kept asking God to help me become a prayer warrior, he answered my prayers by bringing me to Christ Church. Quest 1, I been seeing demons lately trying to get me to stop praying, I'm in a trance-like state.They're mad since God been answering my prayers.I'm so grateful to God for using you mightily in your teachings. I'm bolder & not fearful. I been rebuking them, like you taught. Is this my spiritual gift, should I be seeing angels? Quest 2 IF God said my prayers have been heard and not much longer I have to wait for manifestation. Would I be wrong if I kept bugging God to be specific on day,wk, month or should I just keep quiet and patiently wait? Thanks so much Pastor Ireland, you truly are an anointed man of God. PS last sunday 10am montclair service was fire. You and your wife are no joke, you both tag team the enemy, hes no match for us. We raising hell for the devil or should I say Heaven lol. Marlinda has the voice of a powerful angel, her voice can break strongholds, Glory to the God :-).


  9. The issue of race has not been a block for me, although I often find myself the only, or one of few, Black people in many of my professional settings. I have had heightened racial interactions, though, and just yesterday I was taken aback when a woman told me that her way of relating to minorities is by acting and talking black; speaking slang and shaking her neck. In these situations, the Holy Spirit helps me in my struggle, which is that I sometimes jump so quickly into the conflict of the situation that I miss hearing & caring for the person's heart. What's most difficult is that this requires vulnerability in me, a sensitivity and heart-focus that I'm not always comfortable with. I'm reminded that God cares about my heart condition, and that should be my concern for others as well. I've found that when I care for others' hearts and even share a little of mine, too, I am able to show more of Christ's love.


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