Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day Three: The Power of Expectation

Expectation is such a powerful tool of the Holy Spirit that if not careful, we overlook its pungency. The third chapter of the Book of Acts opens with Peter and John being used as instruments of divine healing all because they created expectation in the mind of the crippled beggar. There words: “Look at us!” made the man anticipate a forthcoming blessing. He thought that a coin or two were going to be plucked into his waiting hand or basket. Rather, Peter’s faith-filled command followed: “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” In the next moment the man is walking, jumping, and praising God.

Peter and John expected God to use them. The lame man’s initial expectation was quickly redirected by Peter’s words to a higher more sacred one, his healing. Once his expectation was aligned with Peter and John’s perspective his healing was sure to follow. What is your expectation today? Before you leave your home expect God to work a miracle in you, through you, and around you…today.

Expectation is spelled F.A.I.T.H. Your faith is activated when you start expecting God to use you. As Peter and John walked to the temple to pray, they walked in faith. You cannot go to pray without a solid faith in God. Their faith couldn’t be contained only for intercessory reasons, however. It spilled out because they saw something that could be changed if the lame man’s expectation was aligned with God’s will and plan. How about you? What remains beneath the will of God because your expectation has not been activated?

Expectation is activated once your heart becomes burdened for more…more deliverance…more blessings…more sanctification...more of the release of God’s power in everyday life. Today, expect a miracle! Expect to lead someone to Christ! Expect to receive a breakthrough in your marriage! Expect to bless someone! Expect to experience a new dimension in the Lord! Expect God to use you today!


  1. Hello,

    I've enjoyed the 40-days of prayer so far and most likely, it's been enlightening to see how Jesus is as loving and precious to the heart of those who are willing to let him heal them. It's also a great advantage that we have as believers to taste the goodness of Jesus - and as much I plan on taking what BELONGS to me, I will make sure that Satan NEVER sends his agents to either harass or play with my mind again.


  2. Thanks Dr. Ireland. Today's reading and your message have definitely resonated with me. I find that I'm a person of wavering faith - At times, I stand boldly upon the promises that God has given me. But then more times than I care to admit, I doubt whether I've really heard the voice of God and lose hope that my prayers will be answered.

    I'm personally praying for physical healing, so the fact that the crippled man who had been afflicted "from birth" was healed gives me hope. I also noted that when the man was healed, he immediately begain praising God. He knew where his healing came from. Sometimes it's easy to forget that God has helped me and I forget to thank him and boldy profess what he has done for me. I'm hoping that this 40 day journey will allow me to become more spiritually mature so that not only will my faith remain strong, but that I will eagerly proclaim my testimony to others, perhaps even helping others in the process.

    Have a great day everyone.

  3. Hi sikssigm,

    I like reading your thoughts on the issue of hearing the voice of God. One thing you and I have to remember is that God does speak to people and it's a great challenge that we have to overcome and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide your heart and thoughts into accepting that God promised you healing. I will keep you in prayer because as much as your health is important to you, it's also important to the Lord Jesus and we all have assignments that we have to do for Christ. I noticed that at the end of your paragraph, you said "...perhaps helping others in the process." Please don't use perhaps, it's a requirement and we have to do it. I have learned over the years to approach people and share with them what Jesus has done for me, honestly, it's not an easy task but who gives us courage to do things but the Lord, ask him for insight and proper style of approach and the Holy Spirit (trust me) He will lead you to the right person that may also need to hear that God heals people. My understanding is that God uses our current situation to teach us which will allow us to help someone else who is going through the same thing. Hope to read from you again because I truly enjoyed reading your post, you be blessed as well along with everyone else who plans on posting today!!

    PS: Thank you Dr. Ireland for this avenue to share out thoughts, it's perfectly orchestrated, thanks.


  4. Thanks for the prayers Wilene. I think I might have made my first virtual prayer connection as I will also pray for you.

    Thank you also for pointing out that I have a Christian duty to share the goodness that God has worked into my life. I know my spiritual voice is in there somewhere. Just have to pray it out. :-)


  5. Awesome third day of the 40 day spiritual journey. I so look forward to my time in the Word and prayer. I believe God will do a mighty work in and through the people of Christ Church.

  6. Thanks Pastor. I'm so excited about our 40 day journey. I'm expecting an amazing testimony. Thanks for the encouragement. I look forward to your next blog.


  7. Thank you Pastor, for you vision of empowerment which during these 40 days will resurrect our pains and sorrows and turn them into pleasures and love. We must remember that everyday there are wars raging throughout the land but we will not see ourselves defeated however we will see ourselves victorious. God Bless eternally!!!!!!


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