Friday, January 14, 2011

Day Five (January 14): The Power of Recognition

God offers a couple of powerful promises when we fast. He says: “Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard” (Isaiah 58:8).

Light represents clarity, wisdom, and understanding. During this fast, ask the Lord for clarity in how you’re to approach this New Year. Ask Him for wisdom in how you can circumvent some of the challenging economic circumstances our nation is facing. He assures us that our fasting is intended to address these kinds of difficulties.

Another wonderful benefit tied to fasting according to verse eight is the unveiling of our righteousness. Righteousness is a character based word. It has to do with how others see and interpret our behavior. Through fasting they will see the uprightness fueling your character and not assume the negative. Who in your life needs to have an altered perspective of you? Pray that they may see your heart…the righteousness that God is unveiling.

During this season of fasting I’ve found myself praying for my level of compassion to increase. And, my fasting is also focused on my character that I may grow in a more patient way with others. What about you? What have you recognized that God is doing in you during this fast?


  1. This is my first fast and so far so good. I am on track with my reading and prayers; however, I can not say that I feel the holy spirit comforting or guiding me. Sometimes when I focus on the "desired outcome" for the day, I feel like I am talking too much about myself. So I broaden my thinking and take the worldview approach. I ask God about His plan and will for the body. But too often, I feel like I am asking and not hearing. My recognition is, as I ask God to draw closer to me, I must learn patience in drawing closer to Him. I am excited for the blessings and breakthroughs God has in store for the church!

  2. First, let me say I have never been able to fast the way I am this time. I really feel like God has called me to fast at this time because he has really given me the grace to do it. Clarity is something I need for several areas of my life. I’ve been unemployed for almost a year and I am asking God what He wants me to be doing professionally. I am also seeking to know how God wants to use my ministry gifts to bless others and have I tapped into all there is. Most importantly, I am praying for a deeper, more intimate relationship with God so I can accurately hear what God is saying to me. God has definitely caused me to be more sensitive to closely examine my thinking, motives and character. I am really excited about what God is going to both say and do!

  3. Hello Everyone,

    Well, let truth be told since it will set us free, I’m going to get my freedom – during this time of fast, I’m asking God to give me more of a submissive behavior. I’m currently reading The Four Elements of Success authored by Laurie Beth Jones which is about assessing one’s personality giving them a perspective of how they relate to people they work with or encounter. Four years ago, I took a similar personality profile test and as I’m reading this book, I went back trying to make a connection between the two. What I found to be encouraging secularly is not something that reflects who the Holy Spirit is. When I examine myself sometimes, I see this “don’t tell me what to do or you’re not the boss of me attitude”; it’s not a good thing. I have asked God before for a more humble personality and he has granted it however, in the submission part, I have not quite seen the improvement that I’m looking for. By nature, I’m a self-started with a friendly personality however; I have been placed with individuals that I perceive to be helpful in me being a submissive person. This honestly worries me a little because I question myself at times wondering am I being submissive because I get along with people well or am I faking it so that the Holy Spirit can get off my back. During times of reflection, the Holy Spirit would bring it to my attention and I basically tell him to stop it, because it’s not like that. As we are asked to recognize our inner self, this area is so weak because it may seem that I’m strong will – but in reality I’m not. My prayer is that God’s light would not only shine on this but complete healing would take place because in everything that I do or that I am, I so want to represent Christ well.


  4. I’ve been a part of corporate fasts at Christ Church for several years and I must confess that I’ve never looked forward to our seasons of fasting. In fact, if you could hear me each year when Pastor Dave makes the announcement, I’m probably the one going “Ugghh” under my breath. If the camera would catch me I’d probably be the one rolling my eyes ( LOL). Fasting has been a difficult concept for me to embrace.

    Initially I went into fasting thinking that it would be all about missing a few meals and receiving God’s blessings. In one of my first fasts, God shook my foundation and disrupted my “business as usual” life so badly that I was sure that I was down for the count. It was a very painful, scary time for me and I considered abandoning the fast because God surely could not be hearing me! In retrospect I’ve learned that God HAD to shake up my life so that he could really bless me. I thought I was already blessed and for a season of life I may have been, but God wanted to move me into another realm that was bigger and better than the one I was comfortable in. I’ve always been very independent but in my own strength I was not listening to God or following his leading willingly. Through that initially fast, I found myself in a situation where I was out of options and forced to let God order my steps. I thank God for his grace that sustained me during that difficult time when all that I wanted to do was to run. While it hurt for a season, the next phase of my life that God put me in was so much better than anything I could have imagined.

    So while I still struggle going into a fast out of fear of the “pain” that comes from being stripped of something things, I trust God enough to know that in the end, it works out for my good. May God hear your prayers and bless you and your family!


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