Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day Four (January 13): The Power of Realization

Our corporate time of prayer at the East Campus last night was rich. Everyone’s heart was open to engaging the Holy Spirit in a time of intercession. If you were there, you probably could tell that when people are fasting in a God-centered manner, their inner eye—the eye of the soul—is open to pray about the things on the heart of God.

This is what realization is all about. Verses three and four of Isaiah 58 are corrective to anyone embarking on a time of fasting. We are told that if in previous times we did not experience results when we fasted, we must begin to examine the intricacies of our fasting. This is where the power of realization comes in. Realization is the opening of your inner eye to see where your heart is in contrast to God’s heart. Praying in alignment with the will of God is where you reap the wonderful benefits of fasting and prayer.

According to Isaiah 58:5-7, fasting is not limited to spiritual actions or activities. We are not simply to humble our souls. We are to seek social justice for those who’ve been wronged. Our prayers should include loosing the chains of injustice and untying the cords of the yoke. This is Bible language to mean, our fasting must include justice issues along with our personal needs.

My heart breaks whenever I read or hear about children being abused by their parents. I’ve also found myself praying for the Coptic Christians in Egypt who are being targeted by radical Muslims whose goal is to exterminate them for political and religious reasons. Our calling is to seek justice for the underdog. This is not simply limited to prayer, but in practical ways as opportunity exists.

What justice issues are you praying about during this fast? Are there any practical steps that you can take to answer your prayers?


  1. Hello Everyone,

    I agree, last night was awesome, I like when the Holy Spirit doesn't hide his presence from us - as of today's topic, part of my prayer focus is that God Himself would exonerate the wrongly accused. We know that we have an accuser that appears in his court daily to point finger at us. I also pray that the yoke of financial bondage would be broken so that God’s work can be fulfilled. As Jesus said the field is ripe but as we pray, our Father will send workers (paraphrase.)

    When it comes to taking practical steps, it can be very complex depending on the situation. For instance in a case of believing God for financial breakthrough, it shouldn’t be hard for us to exercise the kind of charity displayed by believers in Acts 2, however my prayer and expectancy is that someday we will be there where we really deny ourselves to basically tend to the need of a fellow brethren. Jesus wants us to literally care for others, and when the world turns their back on someone, we as Christians will not do the same, but rather remove focus from our own need and help someone else. As it is said in Hebrews 6:10, "God is not unjust; he will not forget our work and the love we have shown him as we have helped his people and continue to help them." In order word, God does repay, he never lets a good deed go unrewarded. I’m looking for a huge reward as I’m working toward practicing what Isaiah 58:6 speaks of breaking yokes, canceling debts even if it’s not large, but still set the captive free. This is something so big and important to me because I know how many of my brothers and sisters are in a locked cage due to financial chaos in their lives. I do pray and believe that Christians will be exonerated of these accusations of not being good steward and of not handling wealth properly. We have been given wisdom, and the Holy Spirit is mighty, very zealous and interested in helping us remain free.


  2. Day 4 of the Fast is going well. I will break fast soon. I break fast as late in the day as possible.

    Growing up in the Catholic faith, I am accustomed to fasting during the Lenten season. But I think growing up our focus was one-dimensional. We concentrated on the self-denial and sacrifice aspect of the fast....depriving ourselves to have the tiniest glimpse of Christ's phenomenal sacrifice for us.

    Now I see the other dimensions of the fast. Understanding the peaceful side of the fast....drawing closer to God....listening for the Holy Spirit.

    I use my fast today in solidarity with those all over the world who will go without food today. I pray that God will watch over his flock and give them all that they need.

    I reflect on my life, the way I live, and think of what can I do in this world to make a difference...those without food. The Power of One.

    I read a suggestion about taking the money that you would have spent on food but for the fast and give it to an organization that helps provide food to those in need. A wonderful idea.

    I use my fast to give thanks to God...for sustaining, renewing and loving me...yesterday, today and tomorrow. I am truly blessed to have the luxury of breaking my fast.


  3. The injustice I pray about is the current state of America's educational system. According to a recent study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, America ranks 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math in comparison to other nations. At the community college in which I teach it was announced just today that 70% of our incoming freshmen need remedial classes. I teach in a suburban, white, middle class community. The injustice is that our educational system has not just failed "urban America", it is failing across all racial, class and geographic locations. The injustice is that we are so consumed with other "stuff" that we are blind to the enormity of this problem and how it will affect the future of this country and the next generation.

  4. Renee
    I know today's fast focus is realization. I pray God will loose the chain of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke against humantrafficking. God has troubled my spirit to pray for the injustice of humantrafficking prior to today. People as your as little children being snatched from their homes and their families. This inhuman act is happening across the nation and even in our backyards here in America. I am believing for a spiritual breakthough during my times of fasting and praying. I pray that God will restore health, healing and an abundance of peace and security to them in Jesus Name and by the Blood of Jesus.

  5. I pray that families would devote more time to their children. I pray that the entertainment and advertising sectors would no longer have a seared conscience about the products they create that negatively impact the young. I pray that adults would never fear the children of our society. May God turn the hearts of mothers and fathers to the children, and the hearts of children to their mothers and fathers.


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