Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day Seven (January 18): The Fire of Revival

You’re almost there—the end of the fast. Don’t go hog wild afterwards and sleep in the neighborhood McDonald's. Adopt some healthier eating habits, if you struggled in this area prior to our fast. Your body will love you and your church family will have you for a longer period of time.

What needs have you been asking God to satisfy during this fast? Have you already mapped out your 2011 goals, for the six major areas of your life as this past weekend’s sermon challenged us to do? If not, why not block out some time before Friday and jot down some goals that you’ve always had on your heart. Remember the six areas: 1) Personal & Family; 2) Spiritual & Ethical; 3) Cultural & Societal; 4) Financial & Career; 5) Health & Physical Well Being; and, 6) Mental & Educational.

Ask God for His help in meeting those goals. We’ve all been given the gift of time. And, time is like real estate. God is not making any more of it. If you need to get a friend to coach you in mapping out your 2011 goals, give them a call.

Some people need to have questions put to them in order to formulate an orderly plan about their future. If you’re like that, there’s no harm in it. The harm would be if you simply did not use the gift of time to map out your goals.

What are some of the craziest excuses you’ve heard from friends and family as to why they never outlined personal goals. I need a good laugh. Please share it.


  1. Hello everyone,

    I always cheat on my weight loss goals, so I stopped making them – Today’s reading speaks of continual guidance; as I’m entering into new endeavors, I’m asking God to give me continual guidance and that opportunities never lack. According to Isaiah 58:11, I will be like a watered garden; I was given a word not too long ago while we were in intercessory prayer that my opportunities are endless. The good thing is that God always let me come up with new ideas, new ways to make things work; and I see it as a blessing. My goal is to use v. 11 and make it plain to me and Him that I’m His watered garden and bring it to God’s remembrance daily. I have asked him to direct my steps so that nothing is wasted especially when it comes to time because I don’t like to waste time. I’m believing Him for favor just like Nehemiah prayed and I know that He will not deny me of his grace. I see this year as a year of great blessing not only for myself but for God’s people as well. I thank him ahead of time for the good things He’s about to do and for the healing that is taking place in several areas of my life.


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  3. "How Long is a Piece of String? That is the question. What is your answer? The best answer I've ever been able to come up with is "as long as it is" which isn't a very satisfying answer. If someone asked you to cut some boards for a shelf and said "Make them as long as a piece of string" you'd have no clue what to do". Goal Setting: author unknown

  4. When Alice was lost in Wonderland she came to a fork in the road. At the fork was a tree and in the tree the Cheshire Cat. Alice asked the cat, which way she should turn. The cat asked “Where do you want to go?” Alice responded: “I don’t know.” The cat responded “Then any path will get you there.” author unknown


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