Monday, January 10, 2011

Day One (January 10): The Journey Begins

The 10-day journey of fasting and prayer begins today. I am eager to move to a new dimension in my relationship with God. To experience this transformation, fasting plays a critical role. Isaiah 58 says a whole lot on the do’s and don’ts of fasting. The do’s include seeking God for justice not only for myself but for the oppressed. Anyone oppressed in your family or on your job? In your time of fasting, pray for their deliverance and healing. The do’s also requires me to share my food with the hungry, which is an action of generosity. Imagine that: While I’m fasting, I should be engaged in some loving action that shows mercy to someone else who doesn’t have enough food, clothing, healthcare, etc. to survive in our complicated contemporary era.

The don’ts include my trying to muscle through fasting without a clean heart before God. Isaiah 58:3-5 tells me that I need to consider my motivation, attitude, and behavior before I should expect God to honor my fasting. This is another way of saying: “Start your fast by repenting of your sins. Get that right and God will be more apt to listen and respond to your cry for help.”

Let’s do that…repent! What justice-based prayers will you be praying along the 10-day journey? What social ills are you believing God to correct within your sphere of influence? Who will you be sharing your bread with during this fast?


  1. Good Morning! So looking forward to these again!!

  2. Hello Everyone,

    I will agree with the perspective that fasting is a discipline that plays a very important role in our walk with Jesus because as believers, that’s one of the strong support we have apart from the Holy Spirit’s help to walk in victory while we’re here on earth.

    In offering justice-based prayers to the Lord, my intent is to advocate on behalf of those believers whom the enemy has attacked mercilessly. the body of Christ is walking in defeat and that’s not a good thing – in my devotion earlier, I was listening to this song by Jason Upton “Glory come down” and there is a part where he mentioned that the church is sick; it’s a fact as our illness is no other but a lack of perseverance resulting to us not taking serious this specific instruction that Jesus gave in Mathew 6 to give, pray and fast. Again, I believe that we are losing our focus because we have allowed flesh to have the upper hand in our decision making. I’m believing God for healing for his people – mainly inner healing. That’s my focus and until there is a change in the atmosphere I will not stop. As far as sharing bread, I’m a bit greedy I don’t share food – I love to eat too much. So, in order not to sin, I will remove the food sharing out of this experience – how’s that. Have a great week everyone, be blessed.


  3. Today I had the most amazing dialogue with an old college buddy who lives in Ohio that I hadn't spoken to in years. We talked for 3 hours as she questioned, probed and interrogated me about God and His goodness, given the current state of affairs in this world. I told her God wasn't afraid of her tough questions and to keep asking them. At the end of our conversation, she said lets talk once a month about this. My old college buddy! Number 1 on my prayer list as we begin this time of prayer & fasting!

  4. Good Afternoon, I pray for the matters of our hearts to please help us to be pure in heart during this fast as we seek God. Where ever we are tempted on this day that we are strengthened to stay focused and that every stronghold be lifted Help us to get outside of ourselves so that we are sensitive to his voice and ready positioned to serve others.

  5. After reading this blog, I journaled and came clean with my intentions and motivations of my prayer requests during this fast.
    Because I do want God to honor this time of fasting and praying. I do want to see my prayers answered. I do want to go to a new dimension in God, so I am coming clean of my intentions to the Lord.
    Isaiah 58:3-5

  6. The Holy Spirit is so powerful. I woke up early to pray, repent and ask God to dwell in me and to show me his will during this fast. I then read a scripture in the book of Daniel – Daniel 10. The scripture describes Daniel’s three week fast and the visitation of the Holy Spirit shortly after the fast. God showed up to comfort Daniel, bring clarity to his dark circumstance and to simply love on him. Oh what an awesome God we serve! You must read it! Reading this story really moved me and I felt Gods presence. God answered my prayer-for his spirit to dwell me, and this is only the first day of our fast. I’m excited about this journey. I’m excited about the future and I walk faithfully in the transformation that will take place in me, Christ Church and the body of Christ Globally.

    I encourage you brothers and sisters to stay committed to this fasting journey as there is great work to do for the kingdom and we have to be strong in spirit to get the work done.

  7. Today I woke up committed to this time of fasting and acknowledging that I needed this time with the Lord. I prayed and sang "I need thee oh I need thee" as declaration to the Lord. I am inspired and looking forward to what the Lord will do for each of us individually and collectively as a congregation.

  8. Pastor my soul could not wait until the 10th, so I started my fast on the 1st. I'm also expecting God to take me to another dimension.


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