Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 25 (March 31): Becoming a Disciple of Jesus

Last night was special. We spent time getting to know one another. You cannot have a strong local church without healthy relationships. Tonight @ 7:00 pm, the West Campus will experience “Among Friends”. Come prepared to worship & then fellowship around light refreshments & powerful conversation.

To achieve financial freedom Jesus taught His disciples to: “estimate the cost” (Luke 14:28) before launching into a big project. A couple of weeks ago, a number of people asked The Money Coach—Lynnette Khalfani-Cox: “Do you suggest attempting to take out a business loan to finance a business that you have invested in although credit may not be good?” She gave a very well thought out answer which began with the word: No!

You may access her excellent answer found in this online article containing loads of helpful pointers at

Becoming a disciple of Jesus requires that we think and look ahead in spiritual and non-spiritual ways. This includes our financial and business decisions. When you become Born Again, you are giving Jesus full leadership of every area of your life even the business area.

Post an example of a person who told you: I wish I had consulted the Lord before I jumped into this business arrangement.

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