Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 1 (April 18): The Great Week

Holy Week was called “The Great Week” by one of the fourth century leaders, St. John Chrystostom. It was labeled great because of the great mysteries being celebrated.

When you consider how God clothed Himself in flesh and was born of a virgin to show us how to live. That is a mystery!

Jesus was born in a borrowed manger and rode to triumph on a borrowed donkey only to be buried in a borrowed tomb. Imagine the King of kings and Lord of lords choosing to live this way even though He is possessor of heaven and earth. That is a mystery!

Jesus willingly laid down His life for your life because He loves you. There is no greater demonstration of love than to sacrifice your life for another’s. This sacrificial love gave you access to God’s forgiveness and salvation. And, it’s still just as potent today to liberate people from the jaws of sin and death. That is a mystery.

During Holy Week spend some time contemplating the mysteries of our faith. Contemplation is enriched as your read, pray, and sing songs of praise to our God. This spiritual exercise will deepen your relationship with the risen Savior.

As you are meditating on God’s goodness ask Him to place someone in your path whom you could invite to one of our moving Holy Week services. I believe that someone you know will meet the Savior this week, if you go out of your way to point them to the Way.

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