Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 39 (April 14): They Were Too Busy!

It’s great to be busy! But being busy without being FOCUSED is a mistake. Captured in Proverbs 19:14 are these wise words of Solomon:

“Houses and wealth are inherited from parents”

Now don’t break your computer if your deceased parents or relatives didn’t leave you any houses or wealth. Maybe they left you other things of great value which helped to shape the person that you are today.

The question you and I must grapple with is this: What will you leave your heirs? We live in a uniquely prosperous nation. People fight, lie, deceive, and even try to sneak across our borders because of the possibility the United States of America offers for a better quality of life.

The challenge sometimes when you live where we live, we take for granted these wonderful and lucrative opportunities. Let’s not fall into the trap of passivity—numbness of soul—because our legacy is at stake.

Your family and charity (hopefully Christ Church is on that list—LOL) is important enough for you to get cracking with making more money.

How has your desire to make more money or get out of debt faster been affected through this 40-day journey? Post your comment.

See you tonight at the WEST CAMPUS for training in leadership and Financial Empowerment.

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  1. I'm Currently on A fast track to eliminate over $100K in Debt. My wife and I are now using a budget in the true fashion of a budget. "Zeroed Out" We just had a financial meeting and the focus of me working in my one field rather than trying to be the jack of all trades is creating an emormous amount of stability for me and my wife. Praise God to the wisdom that has been bestowed upon me. Praise God for Christ church seeing the Financial need in our region and being intentional about how to set up pillars of success to even pass them two generations down. This Journey was Awesome!!!!...I think the key is to not stop here but to keep it in the forefrot for us to now seek wise counsel from the church. financial Empowerment is a Life Long Journey...Although 40 Days have been Life Changing...the true change starts on day 41.


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