Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 17: Check for Yourself!

Bloggers, you gave some great answers to yesterday's questions. You guys know your word! Now, let's turn our attention to the Bereans who according to Acts chapter 17 were probably the tribe of people from which modern day New Yorkers originated (LOL). These guys did not believe a thing Paul and Silas taught until they checked it out for themselves in the Scriptures. Isn’t this the attitude of New Yorkers—“Prove it to me, first, before I believe you,” they say.

Do you do this? After you’ve heard a specific teaching, do you peruse the Bible to ensure that what the preacher preached was biblically accurate, doctrinally sound, and culturally on point? In order to practice this valued approach to discipleship, you first have to take notes or purchase the CD of the sermon. Without the ability to have an accurate recollection of the message, how can you search the Scripture to see if the teacher was on point? It’s not possible.

The outcome for the Bereans is that many of them became believers because they were able to track with Paul through their own study, the accuracy of his interpretation about God’s path to salvation. This means that their faith was activated and piqued as they learned the word of God daily. Studying was a daily part of their lives and not an occasional activity.

Throughout this journey, why not develop this style of discipleship in your life? Establish a daily time for the study of the Scriptures even if it’s just for 20 minutes. Your knowledge of the Bible will increase rapidly as the days go by.

Next time you’re in the house of the Lord, try taking notes of the sermon. You will gain a number of benefits including:

1. The strengthening of your by the additional knowledge gained through note-taking.

2. Taking personal responsibility to secure your own spiritual development and heightening your Bible knowledge. This is part of Operation Take Back. Take back your ownership of your spiritual life!

3. The protection of the word from the “snatching” practices of the evil one. The word will no longer be like seed cast on the surface of your heart but rather it will have time to germinate because it will penetrate the good ground of your heart by your ability to recall what you heard once you read and re-read your sermon notes.

Let me ask you a couple of questions as a form of a simple spiritual exercise.

1. Can you think of a time when you wished you had written down what a preacher said?

2. When in your life did your sermon notes prove to be real handy?

Remember, be like the Bereans! Scrutinize what others teach before you run with it!


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  2. Hello,

    The time in my life that a sermon note proved to be real handy was when I heard the sermon on “The Attributes of God” and once I got home, I outlined all the important parts of the sermon and started writing my thoughts on how I understood what was talked about. Whenever I would be in one of my meditative moments, I would refer to the notes and be taken aback at all the good things God has done for me. Fortunately, I have been around people with integrity which has been a blessing so I wouldn’t have to leave the church for any unnecessary mean. The benefit of taking notes is when one is in need of hearing the truth, it serves as a reinforcer in case there were any doubts about who God is and the things that He is capable of doing. I have no doubt that nothing is impossible for Jesus, the only struggle that I have is his timing which is a test I keep on failing because whenever I sense I’m being taught something new, I tell Him forget it, but again the Holy Spirit is so patient.

    Everyone have a great afternoon, be blessed!!


  3. Note taking during our worship times are naturally a part of the learning and understanding of the Word. Without it I feel I went, enjoyed but nothing to refer to if I wanted to share with friends and family. It has been a blessing to many of my family members when we share our learning from individual houses of worship. It has even brought tears to my eyes when I meditate and realize how much we don't know and have to learn about God's love for us. It's truly an amazing feeling.

    On a separate note, this blog is great. My discipline is to read the chapter then read the blog to secure my understanding. I wish available always :)

  4. For me written words can stimulate and liberate my imagination! I love to record things I've heard. Yet, I've learned that there is a clear distinction between information, knowledge and wisdom. I want to learn daily how to discern the difference and apply each effectively and meaningfully to my daily life.

  5. The sermon notes always come in handy for me. I'm still getting to know God and His word, so note taking is extremely important for me. Then when I go home and continue my study, the word becomes clearer. I keep a notebook in my bible case for this very purpose. Also, the cd's are great. Even with the note taking, you may miss something, and if the sermon is specifically 'speaking' to you, you may need to hear it the whole thing again. Or you can share it with someone you know who really needs to hear that particular message.

  6. Greetings everyone,

    After regretting not taking sermon notes multiple times…… I have now developed the habit of taking notes. There were times I heard a sermon and thought, this doesn’t apply to me…………but I was really thrilled to have the resources when I did need to make the life application at a future date!

    The most recent sermon notes that were handy: “Fighting the Right Battles”………very practical strategies for dealing with temptation!

  7. Whenever I go to church I expect to encounter God. I am listening for the voice behind the sermon so I can hear from God the specific word He has for me. Why? Hearing what God is saying in the message is the assurance and reassurance of my faith. Usually the sermon is a confirmation of something I have been meditating on. I am often led to scripture that is parallel to the message. I find it enlightening how God has given me insight into His word.

    In conclusion:
    “Gas UP!” by knowing “The Art of Restoration” whenever in that “Dark Place, Bright Faith” will shine in “Accessing God’s Provision” which is “More Than You Imagine.” Remember, “The Prayer of Faith” is about “Knowing God” so continue “Raising the Bar” in “Purposeful Living” because we are in “The Place of Victory” in Christ Jesus Amen & Amen.

  8. For me, taking notes during the sermon requires great balance. I am an auditory learner, so I am most stimulated, and learn best, by hearing. Some time ago, writing notes during a sermon would distract me because I would miss what I was hearing, and thus be frustrated. I've sinced learned that I can and must do both. As I don't try to rely so much on my memomry, I make notes that reference key points of the sermon. Others might not understand my notes, but I do. I also sometimes enjoy listening to sermons through audio media. During a recent sermon of Pastor David's on the elements of prayer where he outlined asking, seeking, knocking, I took copious notes and was so glad I did. My husband and I used those notes as we sought God for answers in important areas of our lives.


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