Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 22: Your Testimony Has Much Value

In reading Acts chapter 22 we see Paul once again sharing his testimony about his personal conversion. His conversion was quite dramatic because his perspective was radically transformed. He moved from being an abuser of followers of Jesus to a proclaimer that taught: Follow Jesus—He is the way to eternal life!

What is your conversion story? If you’ve been around Christ Church for any length of time you’ve heard me tell mine a million times. Every time I share my story new information is recalled as to where I was mentally at the time. And, God some how uses it to reach unbelievers.

Don’t downplay the effectiveness of your testimony in reaching lost people. Your family and friends know you. They know what you used to be like, how you acted, and they saw the transformation before their eyes. Why not tell them and others whenever you get an opportunity.

In graduate school the Christian community had a phrase when they wanted to hear the conversion story of a newcomer to the fellowship. The brothers called it: “Man to Man”. So, they would come up to me and say: I’d like to have a “Man to Man” talk with you so that I can hear your story of spiritual conversion.

I’m not sure if the ladies asked for a “Lady to Lady” talk, but the point I’m bringing out is that when someone hears where you’ve come from in light of meeting the Savior, they are endeared to you or they will approach you with a new degree of respect because of your testimony. Don’t be embarrassed of your journey to faith. Whatever your past may be God wants to use it to draw sinners unto Him. May I ask you two questions to invite your post?

1. What was one unique experience you encounter when you shared your conversion story with an unbeliever?

2. Do you feel embarrassed about your past or are you at peace in telling your story…all of your story that captures your journey to faith?

Have a great day!


  1. Good Afternoon everyone,

    On a previous thread I may have shared instances on how I rededicated my life when Jesus had rescued me even after I turned my back away from him, and this is the testimony that I use each time I come across individuals that have questions about the person of Jesus and why he allows certain things to happen either in their lives and/or their surroundings. When I lived in Miami, – people (mostly female) would approach me whenever they’re going through hard situations and they need a way out. A lady that I worked with, whom I now consider to be a dear friend approached me with questions. At first I didn’t want to talk to her because of the delicacy of her situation and I didn’t consider myself to be in a position to give her any type of advice. She kept on pressing until she finally said to me: “I hesitated to come to you but something kept on telling me to come to you” than I invited her for lunch and we sat and talked a little. I continued to talk to her about the power of Jesus and how he had helped me in times of doubt, test and any situation that would cross my path. Fortunately, she welcomed the message and I invited her to the church I was attending and after a few visits, she brought her entire family to the knowledge of Jesus. Each time we talk, she always reminds me of how she was and I didn’t let her down. Initially, I will throw people off (rectification needed, any suggestion is welcome) – showing no interest in sharing unless I truly sense a felt need for truth telling. I am at peace about my past and who I am in Christ. When it comes to telling my story, I also look at the setting, if it calls for my type of testimony – I use it as my secret weapon or should I say as a last resort to make my point and it has worked each and every time.

    Hope everyone have a wonderful week and be blessed


  2. I was so excited to read the blog today. On Saturday after leaving worship, my husband and I were talking about this very thing; how God uses our past and personal testimony to draw others into relationship with Him. I must admit that coming to grips with my past has been a process and journey. At one point, it was very difficult for me to let myself off the hook for the many mistakes I had made. Also, I had a hard time dealing with some of the broken relationships, especially since they involve many people (family) with whom I must still interact. But God has tremendously blessed me in this area! Like Jephthah ("Bad Past, Good Future"), God allowed me to form good boundaries and find a place where people saw and appreciated my value. With these "safe" people, God lovingly challenged me to be vulnerable and let people in. It was in these times that I was able to minister God's love, reconciliation, and restoration to people. And in the process, I was also healed. Embracing my past continues to be a beautiful journey for me. I am so thankful that God continues to show me how He uses these experiences to bless others, and to bring purpose to my life, all for His glory.

  3. Hi,
    I often find that people are surprised that we have had similar experiences and/or how my life is so different from what it used to be. I think it gives people hope of what the power of God is able to do. When I first got "saved" some 20+ years ago, friends and acquaintances thought it was just a "phase" I was going through but the longevity of my walk has also served as a testimony. God has removed any shame I may have felt about some of the things I have done because I know that I am truly a new creation, made clean in Christ; to take anything away from it is to take away from the power and truth of the testimony. When one recalls what they were delivered from it keeps your gratitude, humility and commitment "green" or fresh. I feel free and at peace sharing my testimony knowing that it can be used to give hope and help deliver people from the bondage of sin. That is the most important thing...isn't it?

  4. Hi everyone,
    I am finally at peace with my testimony. I used to be ashamed of my past, but I have learned that my testimony is a demonstration of the grace of God in my life. There is a very good friend of mine that I grew up - and she's always amazed at how I've changed. The changes in me inspired her to develop a relationship with Jesus. I'm humbled that God would change me so drastically that others would be impacted!


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