Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 39: Back to Basics

We’re just one day away from the end of our 40-day journey. Operation Take Back was originally launched with a singular purpose in mind: We want to reclaim areas of our lives which may have been inactive or tampered with by Satan. One of those areas many maturing Christians seem to lose focus of is their soul-winning activities. We tend to become so preoccupied with our careers, spiritual development, family activities, and whatever else is earthly, that the need to rescue lost people from an impending hell is seldom on the radar.

In today’s devotional reading of Proverbs chapter 11, my attention focused on verse 30: “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise.” The latter part of the verse is a kernel of truth that drives me to make a lot of choices as to how I use my time, establish my priorities, and adjust my prayer focus. I’ve not always been good at keeping soul-winning as a top priority. I have to be reminded regularly by the Holy Spirit to keep soul-winning always on the dashboard of my life.

One interesting way I try to keep myself focused on soul-winning is to stay involved in the art of holding spiritual conversations with pre-Christians. At every season of my life I try to have at least one unbeliever in whom I’m targeting my attention, energies, and expression of love toward in an effort to win them for Christ. I place them on my prayer list so that I am reminded to pray for them regularly; not just for their salvation but also for their success in family, career, etc. I then look for ways I can help them with my gifts, my counsel, and my resources; be they networking opportunities, social outings, or whatever can be a benefit to them.

Since it takes wisdom to attain the noble status of a soul-winner, I try to call on God for His wisdom to help me maintain that spiritual rank. I don’t want to be someone whose testimony is: I used to be a soul-winner. Rather, I want to always be able to say: I am a soul-winner. Currently, I have a few unbelievers that I regularly interface with on a friendship level, where they are comfortable with me to have periodic dialogue on spiritual topics. To keep them in the hopper so to speak requires an ongoing commitment of time on my part in addition to wisdom in knowing when to share my faith and when to simply be a friend.

What are some unique skills that you have honed in order to be a soul-winner? Or, what methods have you come across that speaks of wisdom in the art of soul-winning? Please share your wisdom and experience on the subject.


  1. Hello everyone,

    What I’ve done and still do when it comes to winning soul, I introduce myself to people that I come in contact with and also if the initial conversation is productive, I keep in touch and in the long run, I would see qualities in that individual that I would point to them by saying “you know Jesus could use this talent that you have..” or whatever I see in them that can be useful. A lot of time, it is seen that only Christians have wisdom, it’s far from the truth – our ability to think properly is only upon reliance on the Holy Spirit’s grace otherwise we can do nothing apart from Jesus. Our world is so complex and so diverse now that every avenue has to be utilized to win more soul. While I have not sharpened the proper skills that are required to bring more people to Christ, I will implement the list process and include these individuals that I’m targeting in my prayer time. While I have not attained the level I want to yet, I try to live in a way that represent Jesus well, my goal is that people would see the difference and want to know more. Our lifestyle is always an open door to explain the salvation process.

    Everyone, have a wonderful day, be blessed.


  2. Praise God Saints! Just one more day...

    Some unique skills that I use would inlude humor, listening with "priestly ears", and a compassionate Spirit.

    I have learned over many years that I have taken myself for granted in that my personal traumas, experiences and the like are most times matters and or circumstances that are on display. There is always someone watching and observing as we go about our daily routines and travels.

    There have been many agitators (ref book: Why Drown When You Can Walk on Water) in my life that I (although unbeknownst to me at the time) who have later expressed "gratitude" for my open nature and willingness to share from such a personal/painful experience, while still maintaining such a positive and encouraged posture and or attitude.

    I tend to make light of my pains through humor (never planned) but I truly do laugh at myself and's just part of my nature. And that seems to be a consistent thread that people have come to expect or hope when communicating to me. This approach has truly been an avenue that pushes other so share their burdens once other perspectives are discussed.

    My first thought when the Lord has placed someone in my life or path to minister to is: "Oh Lord Have Mercy, please make them go away"...but then I just settle in to the reality and begin to patiently and lovingly listen.

    We are all (Christians) expected to bear one another's burdens (Gal. 6:2). And verse 3 says: For if any person thinks himself to be somebody too important to share another's load when he is nobody of superiority except in his own mind (estimation), he deceives and cheats himself.

    I am not very good at recognizing or giving myself much credit...but when it comes to sharing a burden or "saving a soul"...I adopt the by any means necessary approach in the Name of My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Remember to lean not unto my own understanding...but to cast all of my cares and TRUST unto God! To sit at His feet with the load that I have been "given" the opportunity to share/minister to. I consider this "selfless" giving at it's best!

    It's just as Pastor Ireland said..."it's a commitment of time that has to be given priority"...knowing when to be a friend and knowing when to minister to the need.

    With Praying Hands,

  3. Personal side note:
    During this fast I chose my only girlfriend (who now lives in Florida) to be my prayer partner and our prayer time was Monday's at 6:00 am. But during our time of commitment to Operation Take Back I (as with all things) did everything we were asked to the letter (including reading both books), blogging, daily readings, listing what I'm taking back and fasting 2 meals/two days. I even made sure to keep my girlfriend accountable (I think I drove her to drink...LOL!), via texting, phone calls and mailing her encouraging cards. Until about 2 wks ago, we hit a "stumbling block" that tried to attack our friendship and hinder our commitment to Oper. Take Back. All this was due to a miscommunication and misdirected anger...But I immediately went into prayer (because I fully engaged in carrying her burdens as well as my own) and I was not about to let the ENEMY destroy the friendship or cause me to miss my BREAKTHROUGH...and within one day...there was an apology extended and WE (our friendship) has grown because of it. Lord Have Mercy! Thank you JESUS!!! Obedience is better than sacrifice!

    Pastor Ireland, I want to let you know that my heart is so FULL OF JOY and RESPECT for you as the Shephard (Man of God) of Christ Church. I appreciate your ministry (VISION) and your TEACHING style is Profound and simplified for all to understand! THANK YOU a million times THANK YOU!

    I will admit however, when you first mentioned the date of the Corporate Fast at Saturday evening Service...I wanted to CRY and stand up and say "ummm, now is not a good time for me can we postpone this until like Dec"(LOL!)...Only because I had just completed my 2nd 40 Day Fast this year just two wks previous to our Corporate Prayer beginning on 9/21. But God immediately convicted me...and I knew there was NO avoiding this one (with my new church family)...So here I am day 39 and OH SO HUMBLED, THANKFUL and PLEASED on all levels that I have gotten many things back from the's been a long 40 yr. journey for me! ...And I have lacked nothing (Deut. 2:7)And still I believe (KNOW) THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

    With Praying Hands,

  4. During this season of "Take Back," what has reemerged for me, on a much deeper and clearer level, is my burdened heart for lost souls. I have been praying particularly long and hard for my sister, but I've found that while on this 40-day journey, my heart has been more attuned to the deeper issues of my sister's pain. This is also true for others that God has, I feel, brought in my path. It is unbelievable the number of old acquaintances with whom I've reconnected, and new people that I've met, who are broken and lost; some of them acknowledge it and others don't. The conversations have been about things as simple as what church I attend to things like how I got through a particularly difficult season of my life. Now, I'm not waiting for people or opportunities to come my way; I'm asking God for them! If I even sense there is the need, I am asking God for strategy, time, place, words, everything for how to reach them. And my approach has been to balance being vulnerable while also being candid. Because of my own experiences, I can recognize people's emotional hurts and struggles. This allows me to be compassionate to them perhaps in ways that others cannot. I think it's important to show empathy and to create a level of saftey in a relationship. Once that relational safety has been achieved, I think it's also important to be compassionately candid. This is often a tricky balance because I don't want to be judgmental or condemning and turn people away, nor do I want to enable destructive behavior. I've found God to be constantly faithful in providing me with what I need for every person and situation that He blesses me to encounter.

  5. Good Evening!,
    When it comes to creating or finding opportunities to witness, I often show genuine interest in the individual's belief system or lack thereof and ask them how it works for them. At an appropriate time, in a casual way, I inquire about how their faith or their God meets their needs. I ask about their riutals and/or practices and what is the purpose of them. I ask them how do they communicate with their God and he/she with them. This often makes others feel at ease, interested, and more open to hear how I worship God and what He has done for me. I wait for the leading of the Holy Spirit and I follow.

    On another note, I am SO excited about what God is going to do tomorrow night! I am praying that MANY will be healed, delivered, set free, receiving the BREAKTHROUGH that they need in Jesus Name!

    For HIS GLORY,

  6. As I've stated in earlier blogs, i am a baby in Christ, only 6 months, so I can't say that I've won any souls yet. What I can say is that the glory of God in my life is evident to everyone who sees me. I am often asked by people, "what's going on with you? You're glowing." I proudly tell them, that's it's my love for my savior. Also, people who have known me for a long time, say I seem lighter, and that a certain heaviness is gone. That makes me very excited and I always pray that my life will be a living testimony to all He can do!


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