Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 18: Helping an Emerging Champion

Have you ever met someone who’s really sharp about the things of God but would be exceptional with a little more instruction? That’s how Priscilla and Aquila felt in Acts chapter 18 when they were first exposed to the ministry of Apollos--an emerging spiritual champion.

Apollos was a brilliant defender of the faith with the little knowledge he already had. So this couple decided to invite him over to their home in order to explain the things of God more adequately. Would you do something like that if you met a modern day Apollos?
Even if you had the confidence to make that connection, are you in the place spiritually to help provide guidance to Apollos? The latter question is totally different than the former and it’s very telling of where you are in your walk with the Lord.

Fortunately, if your answer is “no” to the second question or even to both questions, there is still time for you to grow in your faith. In fact, you probably may have grown already in the past 17 days and may not have noticed it because you weren’t focused on it. However, with some reflection, please tell your story. I want to learn of how you’ve grown already in this 40-day journey. Post your answer to any one of the below questions which is an indicator of your testimony of growth.

1. How has your prayer life been impacted thus far in the journey?

2. What one major thing have you learned by reading through the Book of Acts?

3. What have you taken back from the enemy so far in our journey?

4. What spiritual conversations have you been able to have with others that you were never able to broach in this manner?

5. How is your spiritual life faring since day one of the journey?

6. Have you seen any financial improvement since our journey began?

7. Has your health improved since our journey started?

After your post, remember to keep your eyes open for your Apollos. You may be the one that will help him or her get better aligned to the things of God. And, as in the Scriptures, a little alignment may result in the furtherance of the Christian message because Apollos becomes a more powerful defender of the faith in the greater public arena.


  1. Hello everyone,

    Acts 18 is a very interesting chapter because each character’s behavior tells something about them - when you look at Aquila and Priscilla, they both demonstrated gentleness and regarding Apollos, he was a humble man with a teachable spirit. In regards to the questions posed earlier, would I do the same thing as the couple in the text, absolutely – the meeting would not necessarily take place at my home, thank God for Starbucks, but I would definitely invite them for discussion. Am I there spiritually, I will say that when it comes to the word of God, I mainly rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit and weigh my words carefully because we live in a totally different era than the way things were in Apollos time and I also consider the other person’s willingness to admit that they are limited and in these types of situation, I believe the scriptures are very handy when presented in a friendly atmosphere and yes of course we have Dr. Ireland’s wealth of knowledge (he-he-he!), so I’ll send them his way :-)

    In regards to the reading of the book of Acts, my intuition got reaffirmed, Apostle Paul has major issues, (feisty) --- On a more serious note, I want to thank God for healing me of migraine. I had never suffered from migraine until recently and it was so severe that I couldn't even keep my eyes open - but when we started the 40-day journey, I did ask God to heal me from that because it was affecting my thought process and I have to say that it has been weeks now since I haven’t had any of which I am immensely grateful.

    Everyone be blessed and have a great day.


  2. I can answer 1, 3 and 4 in the same answer.

    The Operation Take Back brochure suggests that we find a prayer partner, and I asked my sister to pray with me once a week. We have always been close, but live in different states and have very busy lives. Needless to say, it has been hard to connect over the past several years.

    Now, we have a "date" every Saturday morning at 8 am. It has been great because not only do we get to pray together, but we've also been able to chat afterwards to catch up on what's going on in the other's life.

    My prayer life has been positively impacted because my sister and I know each other so well. It touches my heart when she prays for me (and I hope she feels the same way when I pray for her :-). Also, our conversations are deeper because the spiritual feelings and emotions that we conjure up during our prayer carries over into our conversation.

    Taking back a close relationship with my sister has been one of the unexpected benefits of this 40 day journey.


  3. Good Afternoon,

    One of the things I have taken back so far is the renewing of all damaged relationships in my life. I am free from all the hurt and pain that I carried from the past for years. I've decided to let it go and let GOD!! HE came through!!! I am FREE!!!!! I have a lot more to take back but I'm a pit bull and I'm not backing down I want all my stuff BACK!!!! I thank GOD for Pastor Ireland and Christ Church

    Have a blessed day


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