Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 29: Growing in Wisdom

Congratulations! We’ve completed the reading of the 28 chapters in the Book of Acts as the first leg of our devotional reading in Operation Take Back. Now, our attention turns to the Book of Proverbs for the next 12 days—the remainder of our 40-day spiritual journey.

In Proverbs chapter one, Solomon informs us that heeding wisdom is like accessorizing oneself with jewelry. Have you ever seen a garland placed on someone’s head? I’m sure you’ve seen someone, whether on television or in-person, with a wreath made from twisted flowers hung around their head. That’s what a garland is. It is very attractive and decorative because the flowers are bright, sweet smelling, and arranged in a graceful manner that fits the wearer’s head perfectly. It’s not too small and it’s not too big—it’s perfect to the shape and size of the wearer’s head. This is what you look like to others when you walk in the wisdom of God. You look good and the wisdom you’re walking in fits your style, personality, manners…it’s you!

How we’re beautified by wisdom doesn’t stop there. Practicing a lifestyle of godly wisdom is also seen as having a stunning necklace adorning our neck. I wonder if the mental image we should have of this word picture is that of looking like “Mr. T” as he’s loaded down with gold necklaces. I would imagine that it depends on how much wisdom you walk in. If that’s the case: I’ll take a Mr. T look in the spirit any day. How about you?

As we dive into the Book of Proverbs, in what area(s) of your life do you need more of God’s wisdom to adorn your head or neck? I can’t wait to read your posted answer. I’m seeking a greater degree of wisdom to lead God’s people and how to navigate the cultural season that we’re in as a society. What are you seeking?


  1. Hello Everyone,

    The Mr. T analogy is a good one, but since I don’t care much for jewelry (or Mr. T), I’ll use it as an equivalent to obedience – my take on wisdom is much of a life of obedience and it’s always a visible sign when God is favorable to someone who’s obedient. At the same time, it’s very difficult to keep up with the obedience thingy – I is much of a naughty type person, I remember when I first started serving as a floater at Christ Church, I was not involved in any ministry and I was asked to serve w/the hospitality crew and as we were joking in the kitchen, someone asked me question and I replied to her that I tend to be very mischievous, and she replied back to me stating “well, you’re in the right place because you will be straightened out”. I recognize that in every area of life, we need a lot of wisdom, and currently I’m seeking God’s permission to retreat from a situation. I like to be at peace and at the same time, I don’t want God’s wrath because I’ve been there before. I’m trying to find a way around it so that God will not be displeased and I will not suffer any consequence. As much as I’m contemplating all the avenues that I could possibly take, I also don’t want to live to regret my decision, so I’m praying about it and seeking the Holy Spirit’s help on that because I’ve questioned Him about it but I’m yet to receive an answer so we’ll see – hopefully by the time operation take-back is over, I will get my answer.

    Everyone have a great day.


  2. I agree, Pastor David, I'll take the "Mrs T." look, given your symbolic reference. With regard to wisdom, I'm seeking greater wisdom to understand clearly how God would have me use my passion and gifts, especially as it pertains to education and social justice. I have many hopes and dreams of what I could do, but my greatest desire is to know what God has for me to do.

  3. Greetings:

    Likewise I'll take the Mr T look as it relates to wisdom adorning me. I love reading the Proverbs because they are very practical and can be implemented ASAP. I'm seeking God for wisdom on the strategy(ies) to utilize, as I branch off in a career path that is His will for my life. I'm also seeking Him for wisdom to tackle the obstacles in life, in a way that He would approve of.....


  4. The area I need more wisdom in how to recognize God's voice when He is speaking to me and giving me direction for my life. As a new Christian, it's not always clear to me when He is directing me. My desire is to walk in obedience and stay on the path God has put me on. I'm sure as my relationship with Him grows, His voice will become clearer to me. On a side note, Operation Take Back has definitely been helping me in this area. :)


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