Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 19: Benefiting from a Power Encounter

When our church advertised that we’re hosting an Acts 19 deliverance service on October 30th—the 40th day of our journey, today’s reading makes it all clear what to expect. In Acts 19 we learn that Satan’s hold on someone’s life is trumped by a Power Encounter—the power of God goes on display to free people from the bondage of darkness.

The people unconsciously prepared for this Power Encounter by doing a number of different things.

1. They saw that the spirit realm was real and well-intentioned unbelievers (like themselves) can get hurt trying to cast demons out of someone when the exorcism team lacked a genuine conversion.

2. They no longer wanted any part of the kingdom of darkness.

3. They openly confessed their evil deeds.

4. They brought all of the emblems, items, etc. for public destruction that were in their homes. They wanted all of the items that associated them with a dark lifestyle to be destroyed, no matter its economic or sentimental value.

At that meeting, the power of God fell and delivered scores of people from darkness into light. That’s what you ought to pray and expect come Friday, October 30th at 7:30 p.m. at our East Campus.

Let me point out one simply observation that I kept cloaked until now. The second preparatory step mentioned above is really to be seen from this perspective: The people began their own Operation Take Back the moment they desired to reclaim their life from satanic influence and associated activities.

As we close out this week of blogging, pray for a mighty outpouring of God’s spirit at our Power Encounter service. I want our congregation to expereince a modern day Acts 19 service.

Please take a minute and post one thing that you’ve already reclaimed thus far in the Operation Take Back journey. I want to know that the journey is working by hearing your praise report.


  1. One thing that I can say I have definitely reclaimed is my prayer life. When this 40 day journey began, I was just starting to get into the habit of beginning and ending my day in prayer, and praying throughout the day. As I've stated previously, I am a new Christian, so prayer was not something I was used to doing. I know though that it is absolutely necessary in order to know God. Operation Take Back not only has encouraged me to pray for myself, but also to pray for others. I signed the prayer card and have been totally committed. I can definitely feel the difference and people often tell me that I'm glowing. I proudly tell them about the power of God and prayer in my life.

  2. Like Ahki, I have certainly reclaimed my daily prayer life. I have also claimed a healthy habit of studying the bible each day.

  3. I have to say that I have reclaimed my faith stance in an area where my family has been struggling(finances). I allowed doubt to enter in regarding God's promises by focusing on the circumstances instead of God's word. The devil is a liar and I am now back standing on God's word waiting in faith for it to manifest itself. The E.M. Bounds book shined the light for me that we have to treat doubts the same as fear.....neither one comes from God and we have to take both captive to Christ's authority. Believing for God's total restoration in this area!!!

  4. The Lord has been doing awesome things in my life and ministry. We are living in a time of great acceleration and it is up to us individually as well as corporately (as a church) how much we want to receive from Him. There is an open door and Jesus is inviting each one of us to come into a deeper relationship with Him. I have also been receiving more revelation in the Word of God and spending more time in prayer during this 40 day journey. I believe that we are coming into a mighty move of God in Christ Church. Each week I also write a "Word In Season" which is sent out through an email distributor. I have been receiving many responses from people around the world. There are multitudes of hungry Christians that want more of God and I pray that the people in Christ Church will press in to take back all that the devil stolen from them and receive all that Jesus has to offer to them.
    Please visit my website. Thank you.


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